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Valentine's Day 2024 : Forget Romeo and Juliet, here are 7 Indian stories that symbolize love

Valentine's Day 2024

Valentine's Day 2024 : As Valentine's Day approaches us, the world celebrates love in all its forms. While the story of Romeo and Juliet is often heralded as the quintessential symbol of love, there are countless stories across cultures that depict passion, sacrifice, and enduring affection.

Similarly, in the Indian subcontinent, captivating stories rivaling Shakespeare's famous romances abound. Here, we take a look at some of the timeless sagas that have endured across generations, transcending time and capturing hearts.


The saga of Heer-Ranjha is a proof of the power of love which has no limits. Heer, a beautiful girl from a rich family, falls in love with Ranjha, a poor but spirited boy. Despite social barriers and family opposition, their love blossoms in the lush green fields of Punjab. Their journey is full of trials, including Heer's forced marriage to another man. Yet, their unwavering devotion and longing for each other ultimately leads to a tragic but immortal union.


Set in the grandeur of the Mughal period, the love story of Anarkali and Prince Salim (later Emperor Jahangir) unfolds against a backdrop of power and intrigue. The mesmerizing dancer Anarkali wins the heart of Prince Salim, challenging the norms of his rigid society. Due to their forbidden love, Salim's father Emperor Akbar got angry and Anarkali was thrown into the wall and killed. Despite facing insurmountable odds, their story resonates as a testament to the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.

Shahjahan-Mumtaz Mahal:

An iconic symbol of eternal love, the Taj Mahal stands as a monument to the undying affection between Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved Mumtaz Mahal. Their union was a symbol of companionship and devotion, with Mumtaz Mahal serving as Shah Jahan's confidant and advisor. When Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth, Shah Jahan immortalized their love by building a breathtaking tomb, which still mesmerizes the world with its beauty.


Set in the tumultuous times of Maratha rule, Bajirao and Mastani's love story defies social norms and political intrigue. Bajirao, a famous Maratha general, falls in love with Mastani, the daughter of Maharaja Chhatrasal and his Persian Muslim wife Ruhani Bai Begum. Their love faces intense opposition from Bajirao's family and courtiers, yet they remain firm in their commitment to each other. His story is one of passion, loyalty and sacrifice, immortalized in literature and cinema alike, with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 2015 film bringing his saga to life on the silver screen.


Originating in Punjab, The Legend of Mirza-Sahibaan is a saga of love, betrayal and tragedy. Mirza, a skilled archer, and Sahiban, a beautiful village girl, are childhood sweethearts who are destined for each other. However, their love is tested when Sahiban's brother opposes their union. In a heartbreaking twist, Sahiban is forced to betray Mirza, leading to a devastating ending that resonates through the ages as a cautionary tale of the fragility of love.

Sohni Mahiwal:

Sohni, a potter's daughter, and Mahiwal, a wealthy businessman, are star-crossed lovers from Punjab. Their love blossoms despite the social divide, as Sohni risks her life to cross the river to meet Mahiwal, who is waiting for her on the other bank. However, tragedy strikes when Sohni's jealous sister-in-law replaces her earthen pot with a raw one, leading to Sohni's tragic death as she drowns in the river while trying to reach Mahiwal.

Sasi Punnu:

In the folklore of Sindh, Sasi, a princess falls in love with Punnu, a brave cowherd. Despite her royal status, Sasi chooses Punnu as her girlfriend. However, their love faces opposition from Saasi's family, who want to marry her off to a prince. Punnu is imprisoned and tortured, yet his love for Sassi remains unwavering. Ultimately, upon his release, Punnu learns that Sasi has died of grief, and he too succumbs to grief, demonstrating the depth of their eternal bond.

As we celebrate Valentine's Day, let us not forget the adorable love stories woven into the fabric of Indian folklore. These stories are eternal reminders of the depth of human emotion and the enduring power of love to overcome all obstacles, transcending the barriers of time, culture and tradition.

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