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Annette Bening calls on Republicans to stop promoting anti-trans hatred - LGBTQ Nation

jamie lee curtis

Annette Bening has called on Republicans to stop promoting anti-trans hatred. The four-time Academy Award nominee was asked about his support for his transgender son, writer Stephen Ira, and his increasingly vocal advocacy for trans rights during an appearance on The View on Jan. 12.

Benning explained, as she has done before, that for a long time she had been protecting both her and the IRA's privacy.

"He felt it was his right to say what he wanted to say publicly or not," she said. “And now, as time goes on – especially what's happening now, unfortunately, in the political process, is that trans people are being used – to create fear and ignorance against trans people in the most horrific way. Its being done. This is very unfair and I feel very strongly about it.

Benning added, "I'm a Democrat." “We need a strong Republican Party. We need a strong opposition. But we do not need to create fear among people.”

The Nyad star once again mentioned a friend who had to move her family, including her trans daughter, from Texas to Los Angeles after Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate parents who support their transgender children for child abuse if the parents identify their children as gender-identical. Allow access to confirmed medical care. (In March 2022, a Texas judge issued a temporary injunction blocking the directive. But last June, Abbott signed a bill into law banning gender-affirming care for minors.)

"My friend was very scared," Benning said. “We need Republicans to stand up and say this is wrong. And it's heartbreaking for our country."

Bening was also asked how she would respond to people who "don't understand or don't fully understand trans issues."

"I hope that people find someone in their life who is a trans person," she said. “Because then you really understand that we don't have to judge. We have to love and understand. Makes me feel that way.”

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